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As a young child I was always in love with nature and the spirits and beings immersed in nature. I have been fortunate enough to grow up close to nature and with my childhood years close to walks in the forest, swims in the sea and the grace of mountains.

As many of us, I feel an intense urge to protect our nature and all the beings that inhabit our planet – not just humans. We are at a place in time where we can no longer deny what has been done to our planet and the havoc that us humans have created. I believe we can no longer stay quiet and cover our hands over our ears to not hear the truth.

The wolf is knocking at the door but we are refusing to listen …or we can choose to. My deep yearning is to teach and guide from a place of deep respect and hope to inspire seeds of social change. I agree with Caroline Myss when she says that our spiritual practice needs to strengthen us so that we grow backbones strong enough to face the news and the reality of the world and do something about it.

The yoking or uniting Yoga and Shamanism has a clear intent to lift our spirits but also dig deep with our roots to the Earth. Shamanism works the oldest spiritual practice but it is also a living practice that evolves with time. It is deeply rooted and connected with nature and through this practice we not only understand that we need to connect with nature : we are nature. We also understand that All beings are sacred : animals , birds, trees and plants.

It is connecting with that leading the enchanted life is something worth wanting badly and fighting for.

The enchanted Life being a life where you are not just a spectator of Nature and your surroundings , you are living and breathing with it and in a direct relationship. Yoga is of course also one of the most ancient spiritual practices dating back thousands of years.

It has always carried with it a deep respect for other living beings with Ahimsa being the main pillarstone of this practice.

Ahimsa means non violence and speaks to not harming yourself or other beings. The beauty and wisdom of The Yoga Sutras , threads of wisdom on how to live a meaningful life strongly relates to our world today as it did so many years ago. The graceful movements of yoga , the breath and the stillness all calls for deeper connection.

So …I see these two practices compliment each other in a really beautiful and holistic way.

Sandra W Donovan

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