Shamanic Healing

When I first visited the land of South Dakota in America – there was an instant love and also a very clear feeling  of something that was deeply connected with my soul. I felt like I had been there before and that my soul truly belonged there. South Dakota is the home of the Lakota and Sioux Tribe and once I started to read more about the amazing people from these traditions like Black Eagle and Crazy Horse I felt like they stood for something that has now been lost. The love and the care for the land , that all things are sacred and that spirit is everywhere.
I wanted to learn more about these ways and found myself years later in the woods of Sweden together with other people who wanted to dive deeper into themselves but also the nature around us. Through the guidance of my teachers from Gaialife I found a path that is teaching me a much deeper connection to nature , myself and the sacred rituals used by shamans.
I am creating a new way of blending yoga and shamanism – two paths that have so much in common but also come from such different backgrounds. I do believe that this is the new path for me.. waiting to be explored together.

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